Doodle - Webpack/React dojo

I've been working with a friend on a little book about Webpack and React. Webpack is a module bundler that allows you to turn the assets of your project into something useful. It is an amazingly versatile tool that comes with a learning curve. React, popularized by Facebook, represents the bleeding edge in frontend and mobile development. Although powerful it is simple to adopt. Webpack based workflow fits it very well.

An early version of the book available online. Currently I'm refining the material further and we'll release a commercial version of some sort sometime in the near future. This will be a good chance to get a sneak peek at it. In the same time I'll be able to benchmark some of the material.

The refined version of the book will be project driven and we'll be building a little something from scratch. First we'll learn to use Webpack on a basic level and then spend rest of the time in the world of React in more freeform manner.

If this sounds interesting to you, go ahead and fill in Doodle.


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