GC Table top clubarino / Lautapelikollegio

Hey, hi, and hej. Last week we spotted quite a few table top enthusiasts amongst our midsts, and a common desire toward a related gathering of sorts was uttered from multiple angles and directions. Henceforth I call everyone to jot down their ideas, perspectives, hopes and dreams related to the said gathering(s) at https://tlk.io/gctabletop. I posted there in Finnish but feel free to write in a language of your choice. I'll check out any and all answers when the week ends or so, and formulate an epic recipe to accommodate everybody's wishes and start organizing these gatherings.

Hackathon JKL with Microsoft on 17.4.

Jyväskylä Entrepeneurship Society, Dumppi and Linkki in cooperation with Microsoft are organizing a hackathon event in Jyväskylä over the weekend of 17.-19. of April. During the hackathon teams of 2 to 5 people attempt to solve a game-themed challenge. The hackathon features a winners' prize worth of 1000 €.

Teams are free to use tools and platforms of their choosing for the game. There will be peripherals and other gadgets suchs as Oculus Rift DK2 on the premises if someone wants to incorporate them into their game.

See the event page on Facebook for information on how to sign up:

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