Unit testing, with Approvals 5th Oct Mon 5PM

Flowa will be hosting Maaret Pyhäjärvi and Llewellyn Falco who will be facilitating a bit of techie-testing stuff. The evening will include Maaret sharing her experiences on taking approvals into unit testing and Llewellyn telling and showing what ApprovalTests are. The participants will then discuss and share their experiences on the matter. Bring your sauna gear and bright minds and join us in Innova 4 sauna and meeting facilities on Monday October 5th from 5PM till 8PM.

Read more and sign up here: http://www.meetup.com/Tech-Excellence-Finland/events/225138772/

GC Bouldering Excursion Thu 28.5. at 19.00

TL;DR: Instructed bouldering on Thu 28.5. at 19.00 in Boulderpaja, 10€, message Tsuri (see below) if interested, bring a friend. Drinks after 9PM in Vihreä if someone's interested.

Long version:

Sports ahead, lads and lasses – it's bouldering time! Bouldering is climbing low obstacles without a rope but with a soft landing surface instead. You can do it both indoors and outdoors, and for this excursion we'll be visiting a local indoor bouldering gym, Boulderpaja, in Seppälä on Thursday 28.5. starting at 19.00 sharp.

We'll start with a brief introduction to the sport along with some tips and pointers to get everyone started. Participation fee is 10€ which covers also shoe rent (normally +3€). No previous experience or particular gear required – socks, a t-shirt and pants that stretch or shorts (preferrably nothing that can get tangled with the holds) will suffice.

If you're interested, send me a message either on IRC (tsuriga @ IRCnet) or on Twitter (@tsurinosu) and I'll list you down as participant and send some further info. We have a maximum group size of 10 so I'm sure there's some room if you wish to bring one friend with, just let me know your head count. If you want to go for drinks after the event, I'm down! Let me know that too and I'll/we'll head to Vihreä after 9PM.

There are some footage from Boulderpaja both on their website and also on my Youtube channel.

Webpack/React Dojo 5th of May 18:00- at Hemingways

We'll be taking a peek at Webpack and React on 5th of May starting from 18:00 at Hemingways. It's probably going to be a pretty freeform session. If either topic sounds interesting, show up.

Doodle - Webpack/React dojo v2

The original dojo was cancelled as the material wasn't quite there yet. Now it's getting there. Check out SurviveJS - Webpack and React (Leanpub). Supporting material is available at GitHub.

The idea here is to start from basics and get into a situation where you can easily learn more. In short we'll set up a nice development environment, understand how it works and start developing a little kanban application.

If the topic sounds interesting, you should mark suitable dates at Doodle.

GC v0.43 & GC v.044 – code names: Just Beers & Just Beers and Games

GC v0.43 (16.4. Thu)

As React dojo will be postponed until materials are ready and polished, let's toast to the spring. Thursday 16.4.2015 AD @ Vihreä Haltiatar, 18.00. You know the drill.

Tabletop adventures (GC v0.44) (21.4. Tue)

Let's play a game. Or two. While drinking our respective beverage choices. On Tuesday the 21th, again 18.00 in Vihreä Haltiatar. Bring games!

Doodle - Webpack/React dojo

I've been working with a friend on a little book about Webpack and React. Webpack is a module bundler that allows you to turn the assets of your project into something useful. It is an amazingly versatile tool that comes with a learning curve. React, popularized by Facebook, represents the bleeding edge in frontend and mobile development. Although powerful it is simple to adopt. Webpack based workflow fits it very well.

An early version of the book available online. Currently I'm refining the material further and we'll release a commercial version of some sort sometime in the near future. This will be a good chance to get a sneak peek at it. In the same time I'll be able to benchmark some of the material.

The refined version of the book will be project driven and we'll be building a little something from scratch. First we'll learn to use Webpack on a basic level and then spend rest of the time in the world of React in more freeform manner.

If this sounds interesting to you, go ahead and fill in Doodle.

GC Table top clubarino / Lautapelikollegio

Hey, hi, and hej. Last week we spotted quite a few table top enthusiasts amongst our midsts, and a common desire toward a related gathering of sorts was uttered from multiple angles and directions. Henceforth I call everyone to jot down their ideas, perspectives, hopes and dreams related to the said gathering(s) at https://tlk.io/gctabletop. I posted there in Finnish but feel free to write in a language of your choice. I'll check out any and all answers when the week ends or so, and formulate an epic recipe to accommodate everybody's wishes and start organizing these gatherings.

Hackathon JKL with Microsoft on 17.4.

Jyväskylä Entrepeneurship Society, Dumppi and Linkki in cooperation with Microsoft are organizing a hackathon event in Jyväskylä over the weekend of 17.-19. of April. During the hackathon teams of 2 to 5 people attempt to solve a game-themed challenge. The hackathon features a winners' prize worth of 1000 €.

Teams are free to use tools and platforms of their choosing for the game. There will be peripherals and other gadgets suchs as Oculus Rift DK2 on the premises if someone wants to incorporate them into their game.

See the event page on Facebook for information on how to sign up:


GC v0.42 - Towel Edition

It is Lord's Year 2015 and there is still beer to be drunk in this world. Therefore the first GC of 2015, v0.42, will take place on Wednesday the 18.2.2015 in Vihreä Haltiatar starting at around 18.00. Bring Your Own Towel!
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