Fuzzing Doodle + Codecamp and Hack geeky.la at 20.5 18:00

Fuzzy bunny by Tjflex2 (CC BY-NC-ND)
Have you ever heard of negative testing or wondered what fuzzing is about? How do people find those nasty vulnerabilities in software? If those questions sound something you might be interested in, go make your mark at Doodle.

In other news we're going to have two events on Tuesday 20.5 both starting at 18:00. In the first one we will be hacking geeky.la and try to learn a thing or two about design and Angular while at it. The idea is that we will turn geeky.la into something useful for local geeks and companies. The event will be held at Hemingways and there should be room even if you didn't add your name to Doodle.

In the second event held by JES you might learn to code if you don't know anything about coding yet (how likely is that?). If this is more to your liking, head to Crazy Town at 18:00. You can find more details at the Facebook entry (Finnish only).


Tsuri Kamppuri said...

Geek Collision's own homeboy tsuriga representing at the Code camp, peace!

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