BOFF - And the Winner Is...

Brad is being punched by Rocky
by Brad himself (CC BY)
When it's Angular against Angular, there can be only one winner, Angular. Of course it's a little boring but what can you do?

I went through some of the basics of Angular myself and demonstrated it using osscdn and geekyla-angular demo. For the latter I coded a small search view live. Since then I have added a small event listing to it. It could use plenty of polish still.

Tarmo Leppänen discussed Taskboard, a project of his that makes it easier for people to manage their projects. Incidentally I think he uses it to manage the tasks of the project itself. Initially Tarmo used Knockout.js on it but has since then moved onto Angular. Apparently Knockout is fine up to a limit. Once things get more complex Angular may be a better fit.

There was also some discussion about React. It is one of those libraries you can use on view level. It can be used with Angular to speed up rendering. In addition it is possible to use it both on backend and frontend. This resolves the SEO concern as it allows you to serve proper content to web crawlers. This is something that is problematic with Angular. One common solution is to render Angular pages through PhantomJS and then serve those to the bots.

Roughly seven people showed up. I hope everyone got something out of the session. It was maybe a little disappointing no other contenders than Angular showed up. On the other hand we learned a thing or two about Angular. It could be interesting to continue working on that geekyla-angular demo of mine or build something like a Doodle clone out of scratch. We'll see.


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