GC v0.38 – Midweek Madness

It's time to dust off your tankards for it is time to drink beers and pontificate how everything was better when computers had to be turned on from behind. Steer your ships to port Vihreä Haltiatar on Wednesday the 4th of June at 1800 hours for merrymaking.

Introduction to Negative Testing and Security Tools at Mon 26.5 18:00-

Generally if people test, they test the happy path. What if something doesn't go as planned, though? How can you be sure the code won't explode on some boundary condition you didn't think of?

That's what negative testing, and fuzzing in particular is about. Our friend from the company who discovered Heartbleed will provide us an introduction to the topic. In addition we will have someone from the local university of applied sciences to show some security related tools and talk about OWASP.

The event will be held on Monday 26th at Hemingway's starting from 18:00. Even if you didn't make your mark to the Doodle, consider showing up. It should be a fine session and might change the way you think about testing.

Negative testing is so negative by
ehpien (CC BY-NC-ND)

Fuzzing Doodle + Codecamp and Hack geeky.la at 20.5 18:00

Fuzzy bunny by Tjflex2 (CC BY-NC-ND)
Have you ever heard of negative testing or wondered what fuzzing is about? How do people find those nasty vulnerabilities in software? If those questions sound something you might be interested in, go make your mark at Doodle.

In other news we're going to have two events on Tuesday 20.5 both starting at 18:00. In the first one we will be hacking geeky.la and try to learn a thing or two about design and Angular while at it. The idea is that we will turn geeky.la into something useful for local geeks and companies. The event will be held at Hemingways and there should be room even if you didn't add your name to Doodle.

In the second event held by JES you might learn to code if you don't know anything about coding yet (how likely is that?). If this is more to your liking, head to Crazy Town at 18:00. You can find more details at the Facebook entry (Finnish only).

Doodle - Hack geeky.la

We'll be arranging a little event to hack on geeky.la. It's supposed to work as a little ICT aggregator for Jyväskylä. Check Trello of the project for a better idea.

If you show up, you will likely learn something about Angular.js. It is the perfect chance to get your feet wet with the tech. We could also benefit from design talent. So if you know someone who knows something about design, try to drag the person along.

In case this sounds interesting or you don't happen to have anything better to do or just want to socialize (geeks do that?), go ahead and add your mark to Doodle.

BOFF - And the Winner Is...

Brad is being punched by Rocky
by Brad himself (CC BY)
When it's Angular against Angular, there can be only one winner, Angular. Of course it's a little boring but what can you do?

I went through some of the basics of Angular myself and demonstrated it using osscdn and geekyla-angular demo. For the latter I coded a small search view live. Since then I have added a small event listing to it. It could use plenty of polish still.

Tarmo Leppänen discussed Taskboard, a project of his that makes it easier for people to manage their projects. Incidentally I think he uses it to manage the tasks of the project itself. Initially Tarmo used Knockout.js on it but has since then moved onto Angular. Apparently Knockout is fine up to a limit. Once things get more complex Angular may be a better fit.

There was also some discussion about React. It is one of those libraries you can use on view level. It can be used with Angular to speed up rendering. In addition it is possible to use it both on backend and frontend. This resolves the SEO concern as it allows you to serve proper content to web crawlers. This is something that is problematic with Angular. One common solution is to render Angular pages through PhantomJS and then serve those to the bots.

Roughly seven people showed up. I hope everyone got something out of the session. It was maybe a little disappointing no other contenders than Angular showed up. On the other hand we learned a thing or two about Angular. It could be interesting to continue working on that geekyla-angular demo of mine or build something like a Doodle clone out of scratch. We'll see.
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