BOFF - Potential APIs to Use

As developing frontends without some sort of backend is a little boring I thought to link to a couple. You can find a very comprehensive listing at Programmable Web. I have developed the ones I will list next so that you know who to bug if you run into troubles:

  • jsDelivr API - Despite its name this API provides access to libraries served by most commonly used JavaScript CDNs. It is simple to build a small UI on top of this. OSSCDN is an example of this.
  • jster.net API - This API provides jster.net data in an easy to digest form. So if you want to do something JavaScript library related, perhaps that's it. You could also consider trying NPM registry or Bower. Note that these link to the APIs directly so you'll have to dig out documentation elsewhere.
  • jklevents - Because the official event calendar of Jyväskylä is horrible, I scraped it into easier to understand form. Go build a pretty frontend based on this. Some of the characters aren't right (encoding issue?) but mostly the data should be fine. There is geodata included too.
  • it2rest - This API lists IT companies of Jyväskylä based on a spreadsheet maintained by Geek Collision. Hence the name (maybe this should be renamed, though).
  • jklgeeks - Since GitHub is so popular, it provides a nice peek at the local geek scene. This API lists local geeks available through GitHub.

The APIs that I have developed are based on the schema provided by rest-sugar. It should be enough for many basic things. In case you run into troubles with any of the APIs, poke me either directly or through the issue tracker of the API in question.

Besides these you could look into Jyväskylä open data and Datademo APIs. Latter may even help to fund development of a fancy frontend so this might be a good chance to prototype one.

GC - Battle of Frontend Frameworks 7.5.2014 18:00 in Hemingways

Sparta by pasukaru76 (CC BY)
The frontend battle shall commence at Hemingways in 7.5 (Wed) starting 18:00. Bring a laptop if you want to participate. If you want to enjoy the carnage, or beverage, just show up. There should be plenty of fun for everyone.


Doodle - Battle of Frontend Frameworks

Which frontend framework reigns supreme? Can there only be one?

In this session we will go through various alternatives in a casual manner. A couple of premade backend APIs will be provided to use and live coding will ensue.

Make your mark at Doodle. If enough (~10) names appear, battle shall commence.

Spartaa by Σταύρος (CC BY-NC-ND)


Lasten koodikoulu Yläkaupungin Yössä

Ensimmäinen Jyväskylän koodikoulu 3.4. oli menestys. Meitä pyydettiinkin pitämään vastaava tapahtuma Yläkaupungin Yössä lauantaina 17.5. klo 14-16. Koodikoulussa käydään läpi 20 graafista tehtävää, jotka löytyvät osoitteesta http://learn.code.org/hoc/1.

Ensimmäisessä koodikoulussa oli lapsia 15 ja opettajia 4, joten ainakin neljä opettajaa täytyy saada myös Yläkaupungin yön koodikouluun. Opettajan tehtävänä on neuvoa lapsia, jos heille tulee ongelmia tehtävien ratkomisessa. Koodikoulun opettajan homma ei ole vaikeaa, vaan erittäin mukavaa!

Jos haluat tulla opettajaksi tai kysyä lisätietoa, ota yhteyttä!
0400 418 575


In English:

The first code school 3th of April was a success. We have been asked to have a similar event at Yläkaupungin Yö on Saturday 17th of May at 2-4 PM. We guided children through 20 graphical coding exercises, found at http://learn.code.org/hoc/1.

At the first code school, we had 15 children and 4 teachers. We need at least 4 teachers in Yläkaupungin Yö code school, as well. Teachers will help children if they have problems solving the puzzles. Teaching is not difficult, it is fun!

If you want to come to teach or need more information, contact me!
0400 418 575

GC - Lock Picking Workshop Mon 14.4.2014 18:00 in Hemingways

The date of the lock picking workshop has been confirmed. See you on 14th at Hemingways starting from 18:00.

GC - Lock Picking Workshop

Lock by Darwin Bell (CC BY-NC)
Have you ever wondered how locks work? How secure they actually are? If you are interested in these sort of questions you might want to join us in a little lock related workshop. Go ahead and add your mark to the Doodle. There is room for roughly ten peeps. Once the date is set I will let you know.
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