Big Data Workshop on Open Culture Data


On Thursday 11.12.2014 Keski-Suomi talo (conference room Koppelo, Sepänkatu 4, Jyväskylä) hosts an Open Culture Data workshop for content creators, coders and data consumers. Moderators and speakers for the event include Petteri Huvio from Diges and Lilli Linkola from Sitra.

My guess is that any talks will be in Finnish but that workshops can be attended and enjoyed also in English with moderators there to answer your questions on applications and possibilities of Open Culture Data.

For more information and signing up email Raija Partanen at raija.partanen@keskisuomi.fi. The sign-up deadline is 8.12.2014.


Torstaina 11.12.2014 klo 12-30-15.3 järjestetään iltapäivän mittainen työpaja, jossa kohtaavat kulttuurisisältöjen tuottajat ja koodarit ja jalostajat sekä jalostetun tiedon mahdolliset käyttäjät. Työpajan moderaattorina toimii Petteri Huvio Diges ry:stä – Petteri isännöi vuosi sitten Luovaa kohtaamispaikkaa Jyväskylässä. Työpajan johdannoksi Lilli Linkola Sitrasta kertoo mielenkiintoisista avointa kulttuuritietoa hyödyntävistä sovelluksista.

Tilaisuuden pitopaikka on Keski-Suomi –talon kokoustila Koppelo, Sepänkatu 4, Jyväskylä
Ilmoittauduthan 8.12.2014 mennessä sähköpostitse raija.partanen@keskisuomi.fi

GC v0.41 - Revenge of Kryptoradio at Thu 30.10 18:00- at Hemingways

Familiar mask by gato-gato-gato
As you probably didn't get enough of Kryptoradio in our previous session, it's time for a redux. In brief Kryptoradio provides means to stream stuff over DVB-T network of Finland. Beyond Bitcoin block chain, you can transmit stuff like ASCII art or entire websites even.

Given the last time was sort of theoretical we thought maybe it would be nice to actually do something instead of contemplating future possibilities. That is where Revenge of Kryptoradio comes in. In this session we will take a hands on approach and actually try to build something on top of the technology.

I will be focusing on stuff such as React.js, D3.js and possibly webpack and show how to build a graphing thingy on top of Kryptoradio API. There is no rigid schedule and it's more about exploring technology than nodding in agreement. It might be useful to bring your laptop.

See you at Hemingways on Thursday 30.10 starting from 18:00. I'll go likely grab a bite around five in some nearby joint. If dinner sounds alright, let's arrange something over IRC at #geekcollision (@IRCnet of course).

GC v0.40 Kryptoradio

Hey, o-hoy, fellow geeks and comrades and radio amateurs and whoever is tuning in. For the version 0.40 we have a little something special in store as Joel Lehtonen will introduce his Kryptoradio project that has already made history.

Kryptoradio sends Bitcoin transactions through 90 of Digita's TV broadcasting stations. The broadcast is a pilot to evaluate the suitability of digital television network for transmitting payment data and to enable application development. Broadcast data includes Bitcoin transactions, blocks and exchange rates with regards to the most common currencies. These enable the reception and monitoring of Bitcoin payments without an Internet connection, which enhances the reliability of payment confirmation.

In GC meeting Joel will walk us through the basic concept of Kryptoradio and how exactly one can join in on developing applications for it. Kryptoradio has an HTTP interface that enables development with technologies already familiar from web development.

We'll be starting around 6PM next Wednesday the 8th, for presentational reasons in Hemingway's (the one on Kauppakatu).

TL;DR: Kryptoradio, bitcoin broadcasting via TV network, introduction Wed 8.10.2014 in Hemingway's Kauppakatu starting 6PM.

Read more about Kryptoradio.

Adventure Time Beta Test Group Assemble

Roll call for Adventure Time beta testers! There were not too many signups for the adventure park excursion but we'll do it anyway, just with a smaller (elite) group (of highly trained professionals) tomorrow on 9.9. Meet us in Laajavuori at 5PM or later on in the city for dinner and drinks around 7.30 or 8PM.

I can be reached on my cell +358503723711 for both adventure time beta testing and the operation dinner out specifics later on. See ye!

GC Adventure Time

It's been a long time since the days of our sauna ferry day, and I figured it could be nice to arrange some kind of communal activity again. They opened an adventure park in Laajavuori where one crosses and passes various obstacles on a roped course. Sounds like proper fun, eh?

There's not much information on the place in English yet, just that there are 5 trails and 62 barriers along the way. You can view the gallery at http://www.laajis.fi/seikkailupuisto/galleria/. The place is open on Tue-Fri 15-20, Sat 10-18 and Sun 12-18. There are also some special adventure nights coming up but they don't have any dates up yet. The tickets are some 20-26eur, depending on how many we are and are you renting gloves or not.

Vote for suitable times at http://www.sumpli.com/p.php?i=d4dcc21d9ace110. Feel free to suggest other options for activities and/or dates e.g. on the mailing lists or on IRC.

GC v0.39 SOPP Edition

Suuret Oluet Pienet Panimot beer festival is upon us yet again in the upcoming weekend in Helsinki. For both those who can or cannot join the celebrations in the Big Apple of Finland there is much due, traditional beer oriented GC v0.39 on Wednesday 23.7. at 18.00 in Vihreä Haltiatar. Let's raise a glass to the short but adequately warm Finnish summer.

GC v0.38 – Midweek Madness

It's time to dust off your tankards for it is time to drink beers and pontificate how everything was better when computers had to be turned on from behind. Steer your ships to port Vihreä Haltiatar on Wednesday the 4th of June at 1800 hours for merrymaking.

Introduction to Negative Testing and Security Tools at Mon 26.5 18:00-

Generally if people test, they test the happy path. What if something doesn't go as planned, though? How can you be sure the code won't explode on some boundary condition you didn't think of?

That's what negative testing, and fuzzing in particular is about. Our friend from the company who discovered Heartbleed will provide us an introduction to the topic. In addition we will have someone from the local university of applied sciences to show some security related tools and talk about OWASP.

The event will be held on Monday 26th at Hemingway's starting from 18:00. Even if you didn't make your mark to the Doodle, consider showing up. It should be a fine session and might change the way you think about testing.

Negative testing is so negative by
ehpien (CC BY-NC-ND)

Fuzzing Doodle + Codecamp and Hack geeky.la at 20.5 18:00

Fuzzy bunny by Tjflex2 (CC BY-NC-ND)
Have you ever heard of negative testing or wondered what fuzzing is about? How do people find those nasty vulnerabilities in software? If those questions sound something you might be interested in, go make your mark at Doodle.

In other news we're going to have two events on Tuesday 20.5 both starting at 18:00. In the first one we will be hacking geeky.la and try to learn a thing or two about design and Angular while at it. The idea is that we will turn geeky.la into something useful for local geeks and companies. The event will be held at Hemingways and there should be room even if you didn't add your name to Doodle.

In the second event held by JES you might learn to code if you don't know anything about coding yet (how likely is that?). If this is more to your liking, head to Crazy Town at 18:00. You can find more details at the Facebook entry (Finnish only).

Doodle - Hack geeky.la

We'll be arranging a little event to hack on geeky.la. It's supposed to work as a little ICT aggregator for Jyväskylä. Check Trello of the project for a better idea.

If you show up, you will likely learn something about Angular.js. It is the perfect chance to get your feet wet with the tech. We could also benefit from design talent. So if you know someone who knows something about design, try to drag the person along.

In case this sounds interesting or you don't happen to have anything better to do or just want to socialize (geeks do that?), go ahead and add your mark to Doodle.

BOFF - And the Winner Is...

Brad is being punched by Rocky
by Brad himself (CC BY)
When it's Angular against Angular, there can be only one winner, Angular. Of course it's a little boring but what can you do?

I went through some of the basics of Angular myself and demonstrated it using osscdn and geekyla-angular demo. For the latter I coded a small search view live. Since then I have added a small event listing to it. It could use plenty of polish still.

Tarmo Leppänen discussed Taskboard, a project of his that makes it easier for people to manage their projects. Incidentally I think he uses it to manage the tasks of the project itself. Initially Tarmo used Knockout.js on it but has since then moved onto Angular. Apparently Knockout is fine up to a limit. Once things get more complex Angular may be a better fit.

There was also some discussion about React. It is one of those libraries you can use on view level. It can be used with Angular to speed up rendering. In addition it is possible to use it both on backend and frontend. This resolves the SEO concern as it allows you to serve proper content to web crawlers. This is something that is problematic with Angular. One common solution is to render Angular pages through PhantomJS and then serve those to the bots.

Roughly seven people showed up. I hope everyone got something out of the session. It was maybe a little disappointing no other contenders than Angular showed up. On the other hand we learned a thing or two about Angular. It could be interesting to continue working on that geekyla-angular demo of mine or build something like a Doodle clone out of scratch. We'll see.

BOFF - Potential APIs to Use

As developing frontends without some sort of backend is a little boring I thought to link to a couple. You can find a very comprehensive listing at Programmable Web. I have developed the ones I will list next so that you know who to bug if you run into troubles:

  • jsDelivr API - Despite its name this API provides access to libraries served by most commonly used JavaScript CDNs. It is simple to build a small UI on top of this. OSSCDN is an example of this.
  • jster.net API - This API provides jster.net data in an easy to digest form. So if you want to do something JavaScript library related, perhaps that's it. You could also consider trying NPM registry or Bower. Note that these link to the APIs directly so you'll have to dig out documentation elsewhere.
  • jklevents - Because the official event calendar of Jyväskylä is horrible, I scraped it into easier to understand form. Go build a pretty frontend based on this. Some of the characters aren't right (encoding issue?) but mostly the data should be fine. There is geodata included too.
  • it2rest - This API lists IT companies of Jyväskylä based on a spreadsheet maintained by Geek Collision. Hence the name (maybe this should be renamed, though).
  • jklgeeks - Since GitHub is so popular, it provides a nice peek at the local geek scene. This API lists local geeks available through GitHub.

The APIs that I have developed are based on the schema provided by rest-sugar. It should be enough for many basic things. In case you run into troubles with any of the APIs, poke me either directly or through the issue tracker of the API in question.

Besides these you could look into Jyväskylä open data and Datademo APIs. Latter may even help to fund development of a fancy frontend so this might be a good chance to prototype one.

GC - Battle of Frontend Frameworks 7.5.2014 18:00 in Hemingways

Sparta by pasukaru76 (CC BY)
The frontend battle shall commence at Hemingways in 7.5 (Wed) starting 18:00. Bring a laptop if you want to participate. If you want to enjoy the carnage, or beverage, just show up. There should be plenty of fun for everyone.


Doodle - Battle of Frontend Frameworks

Which frontend framework reigns supreme? Can there only be one?

In this session we will go through various alternatives in a casual manner. A couple of premade backend APIs will be provided to use and live coding will ensue.

Make your mark at Doodle. If enough (~10) names appear, battle shall commence.

Spartaa by Σταύρος (CC BY-NC-ND)


Lasten koodikoulu Yläkaupungin Yössä

Ensimmäinen Jyväskylän koodikoulu 3.4. oli menestys. Meitä pyydettiinkin pitämään vastaava tapahtuma Yläkaupungin Yössä lauantaina 17.5. klo 14-16. Koodikoulussa käydään läpi 20 graafista tehtävää, jotka löytyvät osoitteesta http://learn.code.org/hoc/1.

Ensimmäisessä koodikoulussa oli lapsia 15 ja opettajia 4, joten ainakin neljä opettajaa täytyy saada myös Yläkaupungin yön koodikouluun. Opettajan tehtävänä on neuvoa lapsia, jos heille tulee ongelmia tehtävien ratkomisessa. Koodikoulun opettajan homma ei ole vaikeaa, vaan erittäin mukavaa!

Jos haluat tulla opettajaksi tai kysyä lisätietoa, ota yhteyttä!
0400 418 575


In English:

The first code school 3th of April was a success. We have been asked to have a similar event at Yläkaupungin Yö on Saturday 17th of May at 2-4 PM. We guided children through 20 graphical coding exercises, found at http://learn.code.org/hoc/1.

At the first code school, we had 15 children and 4 teachers. We need at least 4 teachers in Yläkaupungin Yö code school, as well. Teachers will help children if they have problems solving the puzzles. Teaching is not difficult, it is fun!

If you want to come to teach or need more information, contact me!
0400 418 575

GC - Lock Picking Workshop Mon 14.4.2014 18:00 in Hemingways

The date of the lock picking workshop has been confirmed. See you on 14th at Hemingways starting from 18:00.

GC - Lock Picking Workshop

Lock by Darwin Bell (CC BY-NC)
Have you ever wondered how locks work? How secure they actually are? If you are interested in these sort of questions you might want to join us in a little lock related workshop. Go ahead and add your mark to the Doodle. There is room for roughly ten peeps. Once the date is set I will let you know.

Lasten Koodikoulu v0.01 by GC

Haluatko opettaa lapsellesi supertaitoja, joiden avulla voidaan muuttaa maailmaa? Koodikoulussa 4-9-vuotiaat lapset pääsevät tutustumaan ohjelmoinnin alkeisiin. Ohjaajina toimivat Jyväskylän alueen IT-alan ammattilaiset. Tavoitteenamme on opastaa huoltajat sekä tiedonjanoiset lapset ilmaisten opiskeluresurssien äärelle ja mahdollistaa lapset toteuttamaan ajatuksiaan digimuodossa.

Kaikille ilmainen koodikoulu pidetään torstaina 3.4. kello 17.30 - 19.30 (myös aikaisemmin voi toki lähteä) Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulun Dynamo-kampuksella osoitteessa Piippukatu 2. Ilmoittautua voit lähettämällä sähköpostilla sekä huoltajan/huoltajien ja oppilaiden nimet osoitteeseen koodikoulujkl@gmail.com. Mukaan mahtuu 20 ensimmäistä oppilasta. Lähetämme vahvistuksen aina heti vastaanotettuamme ilmoittautumisen.

Lisätietoja lapsille ja nuorille pidetyistä koodikouluista löytyy osoitteista koodikoulu.fi ja koodaustunti.fi. Käytämme opetteluun koodaustunti-sivuston materiaaleja.

In English:

Geek Collision is arranging a code school for kids from age 4 to 9. Do you have a kid who you think could be interested in computers? Great! Let us know by emailing us at koodikoulujkl@gmail.com. If there is enough interest for it, we'll try to make the code school happen also in English sometime this year. In the meantime feel very welcome to browse your way to code.org where you will find great resources (which we are using as well) to start with.

GC v0.36 Wed 19.2.2014 18.00 in Vihreä Haltiatar

February is well under way already and surely everyone is already thirsty for those delicious meal shakes. Join us for a drink-and-think in Vihreä Haltiatar on Wednesday the 19th, starting at 6PM.

GC v0.35 – Koodikoulu notes


GC v0.35:ssä iskettiin päitä yhteen koodikoulun tiimoilta. Kiinnostusta jonkin muotoiselle vapaaehtoiselle koodauksen opetukselle on ehdottomasti olemassa. Vaihtoehdoista keskusteltiin paljon, pohdittiin seuraavia:

Vaihtoehto 1

Koodaus tapahtuisi muuten koodikoulun formaatilla (http://koodikoulu.fi/), mutta luultavasti koodaustunnin (Hour of Code, http://koodaustunti.fi/) sisällöillä. Kutsuisimme 4-9-vuotiaita sekä heidän huoltajiaan läppäreiden kera joku ilta 1–4 mentorin ohjaamaan illanviettoon opettelemaan koodauksen alkeita. Illan tavoitteena olisi saada lapset innostumaan ohjelmoinnista ja kertoa huoltajille, millaisia resursseja koodauksen jatkamiseen kotona löytyykään. Tapahtumaan otettaisiin ilmoittautumisjärjestyksessä n. 15 lasta puskaradion sekä yritysten ja laitosten sisäisen mainostuksen kautta. Tiloiksi mietittiin mm. Sepänkeskusta, Veturitalleja, amk:ta tai yliopistoa.

Vaihtoehto 2

Pystyttäisimme mentoriverkoston, joka voisi kiertää kouluissa alakoulusta aina lukioon asti apuopettajan roolissa pitämässä ATK-tuntia yhdessä koulun opettajan kanssa. Yhteyttä otettaisiin luultavasti ensin kaupungin koulutoimeen ja sitä kautta alueen kouluihin. Nämä tunnit pidettäisiin normaaliin kouluaikaan.

Vaihtoehto 3

Opetetaan pedagogiopiskelijoille, kuinka he voivat koodaustunnin, ja ehdotetaan sen vetämistä osaksi harjoittelua.

Ensimmäinen tehtävä olisi kartoittaa mentoreiden kiinnostus. Mikäli olet halukas opettamaan, ota yhteyttä privaviestillä Twitterissä @tsurinosu tai irkissä tsuriga@IRCnet. Kerro viestissä sähköpostiosoitteesi, mitä vaihtoehto(j)a haluat lähteä toteuttamaan.

In GC v0.35 we discussed the possibility of arranging a coding school for kids, and there seemed to be a definite interest for doing so. Multiple options were presented:

Option 1

We'd arrange a Code School (see http://koodikoulu.fi/ for reference, it's in Finnish though) but probably with the contents from Hour of Code. We'd invite around fifteen 4–9-year-olds with a guardian and a laptop to an evening session on basics of coding. The goals would be A, to get the kids interested in programming and B, to tell parents how they can continue cultivating that interest at home. We'd advertise the event through the grapevine and via companies' and instituations internal channels. As for the location we thought of Sepänkeskus, Veturitallit, or JAMK or JYU premises.

Option 2

We'd set up a mentor network that could visit institutions from elementary schools to upper secondary highschools as teacher's assistants in IT skills lessons. We'd first contact the city's educational planners and contact individual schools through them. These lessons would take place during normal school hours.

Option 3

We'd teach the university students of pedagogy how to run a code school and let them spread the joy as part of their mandatory practical trainings.

If you are willing to participate as a mentor, PM Tsuri on Twitter at @tsurinosu or in IRC, tsuriga@IRCnet and let him know your email address and which one of the options would you be interested in helping to implement. Note that most of the teaching would happen in Finnish, with the exception of a foreign student group which would be an excellent addition.

GC v0.35: Koodikoulu goes Jyväskylä?

In addition to downing a beverage or two in jolly company, we have an actual factual agenda of sorts for the evening this time: code school for kids. Here's an open invitation to everyone who's interested in organizing one:

Time & Place: Wed 29.1.2014 18.00 @ Vihreä Haltiatar, Kauppakatu 13


Helsingissä otettiin lentävä startti lasten koodikouluun, mistä voitaisiin myös täällä Keski-Suomessa ottaa mallia. Ja meiltä GeekCollisionissahan siihen varmasti osaamista löytyisi. Keskustellaan mahdollisista käytännön järjestelyistä alkuillasta, tervetuloa mukaan jos opettaminen kiinnostaa!

Companies in Helsinki successfully pushed forth kids' code school movement, which is something we could well replicate here in Jyväskylä. And who better to take on this epic task if not us the valiant geeks of Geek Collision who have the passion to share? Everyone who's interested in spreading their knowledge are invited to join us in discussion about the practical proceedings!
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