Special Treat and Possible Event on Mobile Testing

Testing, testing. Is the mic on? Guess so. As you might remember we had a small evening of testing a while ago. Surprisingly many people showed up. Special guest of our event, Maaret Pyhäjärvi, prepared something special for us. Check out her slides "Five Lessons of (Agile) Testing for Everyone".

There's more to it, though. If there's enough interest, we might get another testing guru around. Rather than trying to explain what this thing is about, I'll let Juha do the talking:
We have the possibility of getting a high profile testing professional Ru Cindrea to work with us in domain of Mobile Testing. Something like workshop, dojo or something else.  
Please mark down you interest of such event! If there's enough, like 10 or more, then we'll make it happen! Doodle
And please share this forward in your organization, if there's even slight possibility for interest :)  
br, Juha Heimonen 
So if this sounds interesting to you and you would like to learn more about mobile testing, sign up! Also let your friends know and make sure they let their friends know too. Laters!


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