Open Knowledge Roadshow - 8-9.11 - Registration Open!

I have a very interesting announcement to make! The registration to Open Knowledge Roadshow is open. You might have some idea about open data and such. This is your opportunity to take it to the next level.
Bridge to somewhere by Paul Bica (CC BY)

The event itself is split up in two days around 8th and 9th of November (Fri, Sat).

The first day focuses more on the conceptual level. Its primary purpose is to get the right people together so we can finally get the ball rolling here at Jyväskylä.

The latter day acts as a bridge to the reality in form of Konstruktori. That is where your coding skills will become really handy. Konstruktori itself is a pre-event for a bigger demoscene event known as Instanssi that will be held next year.

The exact program is available at the registration site. The roadshow site contains some interesting information as well. The event is of course free. See you there!


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