Lean Coffee: No Estimates. At Media Cabinet office, on Tuesday 15.10, 9:00am

Let's talk about No Estimates!

From Neil Killick:

" It was started by @duarte_vasco, @WoodyZuill and myself, and has involved such prominent names as @mikewcohn and @RonJeffries.
#NoEstimates is a collection of writings and debate about ways of delivering software without the need for deterministic estimates"

And from Woody Zuill:

"Having noticed many dysfunctions in estimate-driven software development, #NoEstimates seeks alternatives."

Texts by Neil Killick: http://neilkillick.com/category/noestimates/

Let's start the session with short briefing by Ville Törmälä (and maybe yours truly too).
Session is hosted by Media Cabinet. Our office is at Kolmikulma. Just go right in from the main entrance, then to right to the staircase, go up to fourth floor, and turn left.

We have limited time available, so let's be sharp!

If you can't find, ring me:
Juha Heimonen / 040 5255995


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