GC v0.32 (Bus Problem) on Wednesday October 23 (18:00-) @ Hemingways

This time we are going to have a bus themed collision. As you might know there is going to be a nice open data related event around 8th and 9th of November. The theme ties into this closely.

Tuukka Hastrup has developed a mobile navigator that works at Tampere and Helsinki. This makes it significantly easier to figure out which bus to ride and when. In short it's a bit like car navigator but for bus people.

It is possible to make this system work in Jyväskylä. For that to happen we will need to convert certain data in correct format. This is what the collision will be about. In short we will be taking data from matka.fi (kalkati.net format) and convert that to GTFS.

In case you want to study the problem before the GC, consider the links below:

The current converter works partially. The result may be loaded into the navigator and even works on certain areas. There are some missing features, though. These include vehicle types (current all get assigned as bus), route names (missing or incorrect) and route dates (see add_calendar). Route dates should be transformed from Kalkati vector format into GTFS files calendar.txt and calendar_dates.txt.

It would be pretty awesome if we could tackle this problem. See you there at Hemingways! In the meantime enjoy this little bus video:


Antti Poikola said...

Loistavaa, että tartutte tuoppiin ja haasteeseen :) En ole itse silloin Jykylässä, mutta HSL:n Tuukka (ja Henri) jeesaa varmasti ja vastailee myös irc:ssa #hsldevcom


Itse olen tutustunut jonkin verran city-navigaattorin koodiin, kun lätkästiin vanhaa pyöräilyn ongelmakohdat dataa navigaattorin pohjalta forkattuun http://fillarikanava.fi/ protoon. Tuossa ei siis vielä ole mitään ihmeellistä toiminnallisuutta mukana, mutta hauska puoli city navigatorissa on, että koska se on kokonaan staattista javascriptia, niin Github pagesin päällä pystyy pyörittämään demoa :)

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