Afterthoughts - Overview of Go

That's the Go critter
Big thanks to Michael Cochez for organizing the event! It was great fun. All in all around eight people showed up. There was also a new Tero around. Welcome!

We went through various tasks at Tour of Go and discussed details of the language. I think this sort of format works well for providing some idea of how some language works and what kind of concepts it provides.

Even though Michael had prepared a small assignment for us, we didn't go through it this time. There was some talk about a possible another session where we would focus on coding something. We didn't get into scheduling yet, though. It's up to Michael I think.

Likely the next bigger event we'll be organizing will be battle of web frameworks vol. 2. as there was some serious interest. It will be likely arranged three weeks from now. There will be a separate Doodle for that. In the meantime we might have a Lean Coffee or not.


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