GC v0.31 (Go programming language) on Wednesday October 2 (17:00-) @ Hemingways

Gopher (source : http://golang.org/)
According to http://golang.org/, Go is an open source programming environment that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.  It is supposed to be the new C, the simple C++, the typed
python and the Java without writer's cramp.

If you want to learn a new way of doing OO without inheritance, write multi-threaded code and unleash the power of the typed channel, come to Hemingways on Wednesday October 2 starting around 17:00.

We will shortly look at some of the language specific features and then try to implement some code to pass unit-tests.

People who think first class functions, multiple return values, and closures are not good for mental health should get eased by the fact that Go supports variable names in UTF-8; finally we can write käärme := "aaaaaah", but also 世界 := "world".

Go is easy to understand for anyone with some programming experience. You can try go at http://tour.golang.org/ .

If you're not convinced yet : did you know that Go has built-in complex64 and complex128 types, which surpass everyone's imagination?


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