Geeky Jyväskylä - Event Calendar for Geeks

I set up a Google Calendar known as "Geeky Jyväskylä". The idea is to aggregate geeky events into a single calendar that can be easily subscribed. The calendar has also been integrated into the sidebar of the blog.

If you would like to join the group of maintainers, let me know and I'll add you to the crew.

Lean Coffee Jyväskylä on Wednesday 4.9 (17:00). at Hemingways

Let's get together again! Talking is fun, but what to talk about? Lean Coffee is a way to have structured discussions without predefined agenda: We decide what we want to talk about during the event.

Check the website for the details, the structure is very light and the event will cozy. First we'll gather up some items to discuss of, then we vote on which items will be discussed and finally we can form groups based on the results and start talking!

Let's try this out! Come and bring a pal!
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