Upcoming Event - Battle of Web Frameworks

You guys are in for a special treat. We will arrange a battle of web frameworks. What an awesome chance to showcase your framework-fu and to get to see what some others have to offer!

So far we've managed to attract two contestants, both from the camp Haskell. These are namely Snap and Warp (used by Yesod). They look awfully powerful based on some measurements.

The event will be held tentatively around 16th of July (Tuesday) although that may change. We'll let you know of the exact date closer to July.

To make the whole thing work, we'll need to decide upon a set of tasks. Each task will be implemented using each framework before the event. This way we'll have something to discuss and we don't need to get that physical (although that may still happen).

In order to make this event as awesome as possible, enroll or at least suggest some tasks for our contestants to implement. We can discuss the details at #geekcollision in IRCnet.

Lions by Tambako the Jaguar


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