Devaamo Summit + treweb - 14-15.6 @ Uusi Tehdas, Tampere

It's Devaamo Summit time again. This nice little event covers quite a range of topics (mobile, open source, whatnot). This year they will be collaborating with treweb unconference.

Yes, there will be talks about web tech but as it is an unconference, you never know what you are going to get (to quote certain Forrest). You can get some initial idea of the program already although there are still plenty of blanks at the time of writing. At least Jolla will be there so you can ask them some tough questions.

Of course the event is free but I think the organizers will appreciate if you decide to register. Esp. the latter day (Saturday) is filled with action. There will be two tracks and if some talk is boring, just change the room.

The first day is for more social ones although the lightning talks can be quite nice. In this case you'll have to organize some sort of accommodation for yourself. There are affordable motels at Tampere although I recommend avoiding a room shared with too many. Someone always snores.

If there are people going, it will likely make sense to coordinate travel and so on. I'll set up a thread at our mailing list. Also IRC (#geekcollision@IRCnet) will work. Let's hope we get a delegation together. :)


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