Meet Tsuri on Friday (18:00-) at Vihreä Haltiatar

Penguins by Adam Foster
Apparently Tsuri will be at Vihreä Haltiatar on Friday at 18:00. In case someone wants to keep him company, be there. There are supposedly some new refreshments available for those interested.

If you don't have anything better to do, might as well show up.

Afterthoughts - Haskell/STM Dojo

Yes, it was shady this time too
Wouldn't it be fun if you knew how to implement those trendy NoSQL database engines like MongoDB?

Well, as it happens that's what the dojo held by our code wizard Zouppen taught us. He illustrated the concept of Software Transactional Memory using Haskell Platform and as a side result came up with a NoSQL database engine.

Just like the last time each participant (around ten) got to code something. And I think everyone got something out of the event. There were plenty of Haskell beards around (without beard for some reason) and a couple of new faces even. Thanks for popping by!

In case you missed the event, check out the sample code. It describes our database scheme. You can run the database server even if you have the right dependencies installed. It's an in-memory storage so don't put anything too important there. You can exercise the server quite easily using extensions such as RESTClient (Firefox) or REST Console (Chrome). If you are hardcore, you'll use curl or something.

The packages needed to run the thing should be available as standard Ubuntu packages. Otherwise you might want to look into setting up Haskell Platform. If you are an absolute beginner, Learn You a Haskell is a nice starting point.

Dojo - Haskell/STM at Hemingways (Mon May 13th 18:00-)

There is a lambda somewhere, I am sure of it
by trindade.joao (CC BY)
There is a theory according to which whole universe is just a computer simulation. It would not surprise me if they used Haskell to run this simulation.

If you want to know what STM is in the context of Haskell and are not afraid of the lambda, show up at Hemingways on May 13th 18:00-. Our guru Zouppen will show how to apply this concept. And the fun thing is, it's useful beyond Haskell!

It is recommended that you will at least try Haskell before the dojo. I can guarantee it is one of those languages that will twist your brain a little bit. And it won't be entirely comfortable. But after you start to understand the beauty of the language, nothing will ever be the same again.

According to the Doodle there is still room for a few peeps. If you know someone who might be even remotely interested in the topic, try dragging the person there with you. And given the dojo is held at Hemingways you won't have to leave with a dry throat and you might have a couple of new ideas as well. So double win!

Upcoming Dojo - Haskell/STM

Zouppen, a local Haskell guru, has promised to enlighten us on that particular topic. He will also cover STM. If you don't know what these things are or how they work, here's your chance!

Now that I got your attention, go and pick suitable times over at Doodle.
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