Node.js Streams Dojo Afterthoughts

Yes, it was nice, shady and nyan
Code, cold drinks and company. What else does a geek need? Not much apparently. Big thanks to our Node.js guru Esa-Matti Suuronen. The premises provided by Hemingway's Jyväskylä proved to be adequate at least. Let's say something casual like this seems to fit the sprit of dojo well.

This time we worked one at a time on the laptop while others remained in a managerial role. So we got double the experience. During the dojo we went through six more or less challenging tasks concocted by our sensei.

Even if you weren't there I do recommend checking them out. If you get stuck, just poke us at #geekcollision over at IRCnet. You are bound to learn a lot even if you know how streams work already. A couple of pointers to help you get started:

  • Readable = source, Writable = sink, Transform = filter in Unix terms. It's just a dataflow architecture.
  • In order to terminate a buffer, just push "undefined" (simple "push()" should do)
  • Node's "pipe" is equivalent to that "|" you likely know already
  • It is possible to stream nyancats
  • Wise guys read documentation

EDIT: There is a set of really nice photos available by Daniel Schildt. Thanks a lot!

Upcoming Events

Remember the data mining session at Protomo on Friday (9-11). On 22nd there will be HackJkl and on the following day the highlight of the year, AgileJkl.


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