Upcoming Dojo - Node.js Streams

Esa-Matti "Epeli" Suuronen has promised to have a dojo on topic of Node.js streams. This time we'll organize the event at a different place (most likely Jalo) and try to perform a merge between regular GC's and dojos in their traditional form. We'll see how that works out...

If you are interested in this sort of thing, go ahead and mark your interest at Doodle. The dates range from 9th to 11th. The day chosen will be announced later as we have a better idea of what suits the most people the best.

Volunteer for AgileJkl

Just thought to mention that it is a good time to volunteer for AgileJkl. It's an alright job and you get a fancy shirt in return (at least you did last year, the color was just great). Might be worth your while.


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