Jekyll Dojo Afterthoughts + Info on the Next One

This time we had a dojo, or more like a demo, on Jekyll and web development in general. There were only five of us so the interactive demo made a lot of sense. We spent around two hours exploring the nooks and crannies of Jekyll. I hope the guys got something out of it.

The dojo material is available at (yes, we really do!). I'll still do various tweaks to the material. It should act as a sort of narrative to the framework and help you understand better what can you achieve with it and when should you use it. There are also some more general web development tips you might find useful depending on your level of experience.

The Next Dojo?

As preparing material such as this takes considerable amount of time and it is nice to arrange events that are actually useful to people we are trying something a bit different here.

Juho Tykkälä (also known as "enyone", not just anyone) has promised to talk to us about Amazon Web Services provided there is enough interest. In case you find the topic interesting, go ahead and mark suitable times at our Doodle. If there are some specific areas of AWS that should be covered, do let us know either in the comments or over at IRC (#geekcollision @ IRCnet).


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