AWS Dojo on Tuesday (19.3) 18:00- @ Protomo

As per popular vote, AWS (Amazon Web Services) dojo will be held at Protomo on Tuesday (19.3) starting from 18:00. It should take at least two hours. Sauna is possible.

Our sensei, Juho Tykkälä, describes the content of the dojo as follows:
Subjects could be registration process, S3, EC2, IAM, CloudWatch, etc. It would also be possible to create some new EC2 instance during Dojo and see what it is capable of.
If there are some specific subjects you would like us to discuss, do let us know. It may be a good idea to set up an AWS account (free but requires a credit card) though that might not be entirely needed. Bringing a laptop could be a good idea anyway.


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