Dojo - Node.js Streams at Hemingways (9.4, 18:00-)

His name happens to be Hemingway
by Valentina_A (CC BY-NC-SA)
The people have spoken. And as you know they are always right. This time Esa-Matti Suuronen will show us how to get most out of recently revamped Node.js streams.

After this session you should have a better idea of how to do streamy things using Node. That can't be a bad thing. Piping and all that stuff is right on our alley.

This time we will have the event on a more casual location, Hemingway´s Jyväskylä. See you there on 9th of April around six PM. Be sure to bring your laptop. It is likely beneficial to have a recent version of Node.js installed as well.

Session - Data Mining at Protomo 12.4 (9-11)

Lasse Niivuori of Louhia Consulting Oy will speak about data mining at Protomo on 12.4 (9-11). In case you want to know what analytics is, how it is used and where, you had better be there. Besides the theory part there will be demos. If this sounds interesting, be there to see what the fuzz is about.

Upcoming Dojo - Node.js Streams

Esa-Matti "Epeli" Suuronen has promised to have a dojo on topic of Node.js streams. This time we'll organize the event at a different place (most likely Jalo) and try to perform a merge between regular GC's and dojos in their traditional form. We'll see how that works out...

If you are interested in this sort of thing, go ahead and mark your interest at Doodle. The dates range from 9th to 11th. The day chosen will be announced later as we have a better idea of what suits the most people the best.

Volunteer for AgileJkl

Just thought to mention that it is a good time to volunteer for AgileJkl. It's an alright job and you get a fancy shirt in return (at least you did last year, the color was just great). Might be worth your while.

AWS Dojo Afterthoughts

Our AWS dojo was a great success. I think every participant (10 this time) learned something new. We also had some nice discussion going on about the topic. I personally learned you should not use AWS for storing 10 terabytes of backup data. So better try to avoid that.

Anyway, big thanks to Juho "enyone" Tykkälä for coming up with the material and enlightening us with AWS secrets. Should we arrange another one you know where to get the information about it. And if you feel like acting as a sensei do poke us over at #geekcollision on IRCnet.

AWS Dojo on Tuesday (19.3) 18:00- @ Protomo

As per popular vote, AWS (Amazon Web Services) dojo will be held at Protomo on Tuesday (19.3) starting from 18:00. It should take at least two hours. Sauna is possible.

Our sensei, Juho Tykkälä, describes the content of the dojo as follows:
Subjects could be registration process, S3, EC2, IAM, CloudWatch, etc. It would also be possible to create some new EC2 instance during Dojo and see what it is capable of.
If there are some specific subjects you would like us to discuss, do let us know. It may be a good idea to set up an AWS account (free but requires a credit card) though that might not be entirely needed. Bringing a laptop could be a good idea anyway.

GC v0.30 on Thursday (18.00-) @ Vihreä Haltiatar

Long time, no traditional GC. It's definitely time to collide some geek heads again. We'll see on Thursday (14.3, 18:00-) at Vihreä Haltiatar.

Remember that we will be arranging an AWS dojo soonish. Add your name to the list and mark up suitable times. More news on this once we have some concrete date settled.

Jekyll Dojo Afterthoughts + Info on the Next One

This time we had a dojo, or more like a demo, on Jekyll and web development in general. There were only five of us so the interactive demo made a lot of sense. We spent around two hours exploring the nooks and crannies of Jekyll. I hope the guys got something out of it.

The dojo material is available at yeswejekyll.com (yes, we really do!). I'll still do various tweaks to the material. It should act as a sort of narrative to the framework and help you understand better what can you achieve with it and when should you use it. There are also some more general web development tips you might find useful depending on your level of experience.

The Next Dojo?

As preparing material such as this takes considerable amount of time and it is nice to arrange events that are actually useful to people we are trying something a bit different here.

Juho Tykkälä (also known as "enyone", not just anyone) has promised to talk to us about Amazon Web Services provided there is enough interest. In case you find the topic interesting, go ahead and mark suitable times at our Doodle. If there are some specific areas of AWS that should be covered, do let us know either in the comments or over at IRC (#geekcollision @ IRCnet).

Update on Tuesday Dojo

Just a quick update on the Tuesday Dojo. Kimmo Kuisma had to unfortunately cancel. So it's just Jekyll this time. I do hope you'll find that useful as well. I'll cover Foundation and GitHub Pages a little bit while at it.

If someone still wants to speak a little bit on web design we really don't mind. See you on Tuesday at 18:00 on Protomo! :)
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