Dojo - Jekyll and Web Design at Protomo (5.3 18:00-)

It's time to dojo again! This time we'll be discussing static website generators and Jekyll in particular. Besides that Kimmo Kuisma of Media Cabinet will provide us some insight on web design and typography so it's not only geeky stuff.

Bring a laptop (Jekyll preferably installed), a problem (optional) and a towel (optional). If it goes like the last time a towel won't be needed but it probably doesn't hurt. If you ever wanted to get that pesky homepage or blog done now is the perfect opportunity.

See you on Protomo at 5.3 18:00-. If you have never heard of this Protomo place, check out our previous Dojo post.

You might also want to check out Instanssi, an event arranged just before our dojo. It's reasonably cheap (5 eur admission) and you are bound to meet plenty of fellow geeks there. There is a wide variety of presentations. Many of those will likely have something to do with the theme of this year: gaming.

GC v0.29 Beer Friday (19.00-) @ Vihreä Haltiatar

Today after the Ruby On Rails Friday we have also a Beer Friday from 19.00- at Vihreä Haltiatar. They seem to have few very interesting beers to offer this time!

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