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This time around we are not just sipping wheat shakes – we actually have a proper content night coming up next Tuesday, 22.1. from 18 o'clock onwards.

Join us for an evening of short free-form sessions such as Clojure dojo, Erlang development and Freestyle Fridays. If you have a talk in mind, feel free or even obliged to say a few words on the subject. This is a great opportunity to let others know what you've been working on lately and spread the love to the community.

Bring with you
  • a laptop for the Clojure dojo 
  • towel for aftersauna
  • a friend if you can for more the merrier

Address: Protomo Jyväskylä, Ylistönmäentie 24, 40500 Jyväskylä. If you can't find the place, call Tsuri at +358 50 372 3711 for directions.

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