Ruby on Rails Friday (16:00-) at Protomo

Rails folks ahoy! We will have a tutorial session next Friday (1.2, 16:00-) at Protomo. Bring your laptop with Rails development environment, preferably already set up. We will go through Ruby basics in the tutorial and then create a simple Rails app. Welcome!

To help you get started with the environment, consider following options:

Linux in the virtual machine with shared folders

If you like this option, here is a Rails development environment puppet script that you can use for
a setup. Shared folders are optional if you are comfortable with terminal text editors.

Developing in your main OS (linux or OS X)

Use RVM or rbenv, RVM could be a bit easier to setup.

Developing in your main OS (Windows)

Use RubyInstaller, I have no experience on this.

Clojure Dojo - Afterthoughts

How many geeks does it take to set up a wireless network? Around twenty it seems. Apart from some minor technical issues at the beginning (doors, network etc.) the Clojure Dojo was a great success.

We still have to refine the overall concept a little bit but I think everyone had a great fun. And we did learn bit of Clojure (clo-ju-re for us Finns, clojöö for the rest of you) while at it.

Our Dojo sensei tasked us with several problems. They highlighted quite well the declarative and functional nature of Clojure. We used cyber-dojo to implement and finally examine various solutions made. The editor isn't perfect but it's good enough for little hackery such as this.

As the Dojo was just a beginning of a great Clojure journey for some of the students it might help to have some resources to provide sustenance during it. Particularly following resources could come in handy:

There were talks about an Erlang Dojo. Stay tuned for details!

Technology Friday (14:00-) at Protomo

We're in for a special treat on Friday (18.1 at 14:00). Miika Leppänen of Eebu will be discussing how to to build web applications using Ruby on Rails platform. Live coding to be expected!

See you at Protomo. You can find address and such details on our previous post.

Geek Collision v0.28

This time around we are not just sipping wheat shakes – we actually have a proper content night coming up next Tuesday, 22.1. from 18 o'clock onwards.

Join us for an evening of short free-form sessions such as Clojure dojo, Erlang development and Freestyle Fridays. If you have a talk in mind, feel free or even obliged to say a few words on the subject. This is a great opportunity to let others know what you've been working on lately and spread the love to the community.

Bring with you
  • a laptop for the Clojure dojo 
  • towel for aftersauna
  • a friend if you can for more the merrier

Address: Protomo Jyväskylä, Ylistönmäentie 24, 40500 Jyväskylä. If you can't find the place, call Tsuri at +358 50 372 3711 for directions.

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