Geek Collision v0.26

Nerds and socializing, is that even a thing? Apparently it is! After I came across the #geekcollision IRC channel a bit over a week ago and attended the v0.25 meetup I decided this is definitely a group I want to get to know better.

Which brings us to this - I want to invite all you geeks to O'Malley's for a pint or two on Thursday the 29th this month.

v0.26, be there or be... no wait, no alternatives. Be there!
Kauppakatu 30, 40100, Jyväskylä


Geek Collision v0.25

Christmas is creeping on us at an amazing pace, bringing its seasonal drinks along. Thus, it is time to for us geeks to welcome the season and celebrte it with a beer or two next Tuesday, 20.11.2012 in Vihreä Haltiatar starting from 6PM onwards. See you all there!

Address: Kauppakatu 13, Jyväskylä

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