Call for Action + Hackaday on Wed

Based on our experiences on last Wednesday at Hacklab, it seems the premises might be suitable for some more events, provided there is interest. Although Hacklab is officially a hackerspace, it is alright for us to organize our own little happenings there.

These may range anywhere from workshops to seminars, dojos or you name it. If you would like to organize or participate in some event, do make some noise about yourself. Either the mailing list or the IRC channel (#geekcollision at IRCnet) are good places to do that.

Hackaday on Wednesday

We'll be hacking Elovalo led cube effects at Hacklab (Kauppakatu 4, inner courtyard) on Wednesday (12.09) at 18:00. Feel free to visit the lab on Tuesday and Thursday (18:00) as well if you want to see what the place or the project is about. We'll give you a tour.


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