Call for Action + Hackaday on Wed

Based on our experiences on last Wednesday at Hacklab, it seems the premises might be suitable for some more events, provided there is interest. Although Hacklab is officially a hackerspace, it is alright for us to organize our own little happenings there.

These may range anywhere from workshops to seminars, dojos or you name it. If you would like to organize or participate in some event, do make some noise about yourself. Either the mailing list or the IRC channel (#geekcollision at IRCnet) are good places to do that.

Hackaday on Wednesday

We'll be hacking Elovalo led cube effects at Hacklab (Kauppakatu 4, inner courtyard) on Wednesday (12.09) at 18:00. Feel free to visit the lab on Tuesday and Thursday (18:00) as well if you want to see what the place or the project is about. We'll give you a tour.

Elovalo Effect Challenge

As those who visited the latest Geek Collision know, a challenge was presented to the community. The slides below might make things a bit clearer (prob. not visible in RSS):

Elovalo is a project that builds three pedestals, each containing a led cube (512 leds), for the City of Light event held at Jyväskylä. The pedestals will be visible at the Church Park for around a week at the end of September.

The purpose of this challenge is to encourage the community to participate in the development. We provide tools (basic API, simulator), it's up to you to use them and create amazing effects. Those effects will be composed into playlists that are then shown using the devices. Besides actual technical work, ideas and discussion are welcome too. I know coding C can be a bit daunting at times.

There are no prizes available this time unfortunately. We can, however, guarantee a place in the project credits.

If this sounds interesting to you, check the project out. Or better yet, visit the lab (Kauppakatu 4, inner court hidden behind construction work). We can guarantee there are people there on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning from 18:00. It is likely we will be working on the project there on other days too. The surest way to know is to just ask at #hacklab.jkl on Freenode.
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