Geek Collision v0.22 next week at Harry's (Old English Pub)

Ales, Stouts and Weissbiers galore as Geek Collision arrives yet again to nourish the mind and water the mouths next week. Jot down your preferrable dates at


Let's carve the final date in the stone on Monday.

Community Space - Relocation Talkoot at 21.7 12:00

Since the last post we've accepted the new space. Now all that remains is lugging all the stuff from the old Hacklab to the new one. In order to get this done we're organizing "talkoot".

We'll be meeting at the old premises on Kolmospesänkatu 3 A 1 (basement) on 21st of July (Saturday) at around twelve:

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If you are coming, please imply this at the Doodle. If you have any further questions or need some extra info, drop a comment or participate directly at the mailing list of Hacklab.

Sauna ferry collision date set, join in on the fun

The date has been set for the sauna ferry and it's the 29th of July. Two times are available for that date, so please go and check the best time for you at http://www.doodle.com/re9wxpbsq7e7sr7p. The one that suits our needs better will be chosen.

The cost for the sauna is 120€ and it will be split between the attendees. Towels will be provided on site and there will be some iceboxes and a grill available.

For more information visit http://www.saunalautta.fi

Special Geek Collision v0.21 on Thu (7.6) at Hemingway's

Mission accomplished! Thanks to you. We managed to raise enough funds in order to secure a community space. We visited there yesterday and had a look around. Looked somewhat promising. It will definitely take some effort to make the space ours.

There are some photos available from the visit. Note that the floor will still be smoothed. Some walls are missing as well as the space will be repartitioned.

In order to keep things fair and square we're organizing a special edition of Geek Collision. The event will be held at Hemingway's (map below) on Thursday (7.6) starting at 18:00. Everyone even remotely interested in the subject is welcome of course.

Näytä suurempi kartta

What makes this collision a special one is the fact that Hacklab Jyväskylä will have a meeting with us there. We will discuss through the details and get arrangements needed done in order to fully secure the community space.

If you can't make it there and want to discuss some issue, please use the mailing list. Or alternatively you can poke us at IRC (#geekcollision@IRCnet). In case you applied for Hacklab membership in order to support the community space, please go ahead and fill their form to make things go smoother at the meeting.
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