Call for Geeks - Attaining a Community Space

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a proper community space in the center of Jyväskylä? As it appears this is something we can definitely achieve. This is possible by collaborating with Hacklab Jyväskylä.

Hacklab currently provides a hackerspace at Kuokkala. In addition to this they organize and participate in various events. You might remember them from Instanssi.

It appears the goals of us and Hacklab are somewhat similar. Hacklab complements our "unorganization" well. We've come to realize this. As a result we're currently trying to attain proper premises at the center of Jyväskylä. This is your chance to contribute!

The Premises

These premises would make it easier for us to organize regular events. In addition the place would function as a "hotspot" for all geeks in the area. If there would be a place where you could meet local geeks, this would be it.

We have been offered premises at Kauppakatu 4 (see the map below). The central location makes it ideal for our purposes. There is room enough for us (around 55 sqms). And it is a basement, of course. Best of all, The Ol' Green is really close!

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How Can I Contribute?

In order to make this happen, we'll need to raise a bit of money. This is where you can contribute, should you want to.

Hacklab provides memberships. The funds gained this way are used for the rent and various purchases needed. It is important to understand that Hacklab works on non-profit basis.

Currently they have three membership levels available:
  • 10€ per month - Access to premises on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (club evening)
  • 20€ per month - Free access to premises (key)
  • 40€ per month - Exclusive offer, own table

We track our progress towards the worthy goal in a public spreadsheet. Should you feel like contributing, add the information needed there. If you are interested in some other sort of contribution, do let us know (see "Connections" on the blog).


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