SO Meetup on 28.4 (Sat) 14:00- at HubJkl

This time we are going to have Stack Overflow themed collision. Apparently geeks around the world will gather on 28th so why not to join them. The event will be organized at the premises of HubJkl (Gummeruksenkatu 9 B 10) and will begin at 2 PM. See the map below for exact location:

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After enjoying/suffering through a few presentations, we'll head towards the good ol' green. If you have done something interesting lately, be sure to prepare a talk. The program hasn't been fixed entirely so there's room for those.

Just so you know what to await for, we'll be having talks at least about graphical notations in information systems and something about GitHub Pages.

See you there! If you are coming, please let us know by adding yourself to our Doodle. You might also bring your laptop if you happen to own one. Probably doesn't hurt unless it's one of those luggable ones.

Big thanks to the fine people of HubJkl for making this event possible.


Tero Tilus said...

If you know whether you'll be attending or not, fill out doodle

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