Geek Collision v0.18 relocation to Hemmingsway's!

It appears that there is also a Python meet up in Jyväskylä tomorrow arranged by Fabian Kreutz from Qvantel. So we are going to join them and discus about possibility of Python User Group in Jyväskylä.

Here's the original email I got

Greetings, interested Programmer!
A few people are planning a public python user group for Jyväskylä. It all started with company-internal tutorials from experts to newbies but shall now grow.
All we have are a few ideas:
 * Have tutorials e.g. in university premises, maybe once a month?
 * Program some fun game together
 * Let meetings be sponsored by our companies (as they benefit via:
recruitement connections, education of employees etc)
 * Logo could be two snakes winding around Harju
 * Join the RY located in Turku?
 * Chat-meetings in pubs in the evening
So for now please
 a) forward this email to 3 - 5 friends that might be interested (be smart - use BCC!)
 b) come to meet on Tuesdays the 6th of March 2012 in Hemmingsway's at 19:00
where we will brainstorm the next steps.
 Fabian Kreutz

We will of course have normal Geek Collision on the side, so no need to skip even if you are not interested in Python. We just relocated to make this meet up easier and not to isolate similar groups from each others.

See ya around six there then!


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