v0.17 coming up and how to reach Geek Collision

Yay! Yet another Geek Collision is coming up. Cast your dates here.

Often people ask how get notified about these events. So here's a list. This will also work as a checklist for me and others arranging Geek Collisions. So please bug me or anyone else arranging Geek Collision if some media gets forgotten.

  1. First and the most official one is this blog
  2. Second and probably most hardest to miss is our mailing list geekcollision@googlegroups.com. It's not currently public list, but anyone is free to join. The list can be used by you too. For example recruiting.
  3. IRC channel #geekcollision @ IRCnet. This is our most active media. GC announcement will most likely come out here first
  4. Google Calendar. Get notified on Android and others.
  5. @geekcollision on Twitter. All blog posts will be automatically posted here using Twitter Feed. It might get also some other random geek tweets.
  6. Facebook page. All tweets get redirected here. Like it if you want to see the updates on your Facebook feed.
Phew! Quite few to remember!

You should also remember that Geek Collisions are totally open events. Please bring up your voice if you have a good idea for a Geek Collision! Collisions can be almost anything.  We don't always sit in Vihreä Haltiatar. We have had presentationssaunas, lightning talksmovie nights and coding dojos too and we want more! So please come up if have an idea or resources to arrange something cool :)

See ya!


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