Lightning talk recap

The sauna was awesome! Big thanks to cedx for giving us the opportunity to use it!

We had six great Lightning talks. Here's a small link driven summary of those.

Thanks to all speakers!

Geek Collision v0.14 - Lightning talk sauna!

This time we are in luck: We where generously given a Sauna rental by cedx! The sauna is on next Tuesday  29.11 starting after 18:00. The sauna is Jyväskylän City Sauna.

Also people have asked for lighting talk session  and this is a great opportunity to do that as well!

This  comes quite quickly, but there is no reason to stress about if you want to present something. The topics can be anything geeky and they don't have to be long. You can just talk about your pet project for one minute or pitch your favorite programming language for ten minutes. Anything goes! You can read more about Lightning talks from Wikipedia.

Leave a comment if you want to do a talk so we can prepare for it.

After the talks we can after match the topics until 4.0am. The venue has a flat screen for presenting purposes. I will bring a laptop which can be used with it. City Sauna provides towels for us. You can bring your own sauna drinks with you. You can also throw one for cedx for providing this sauna greatness for us for free :)

The sauna has limited space so rspv in this doodle if you are coming: http://www.doodle.com/dhnap264fkmeaacq first come first served.

Job postings now on Geek Collision!

During last meet we discussed about posting job openings to our Geek Collision Google Group. So I wrote some instructions for it here.

So now you can post your cool IT job there!

Also a little bird told me that a certain large corporation recently had to let some badass hackers to go...

Geek Collision v0.13

Wow! Lots of new names on the last Doodle!

Wednesday (16th) seems to be the most popular day, so then it is. The location is Vihreä Haltiatar as usual starting around six o'clock.

Feel free to join us even if you missed the doodle. See ya!

Collision v0.13

Due to popular demand we have Geek Collision v0.13 already coming up! Vote for the date here now! It's coming fast :)

Geek Collision v0.12

Here again. The usual scheme geeks and beer on 8.11. Tuesday in Vihreä Haltiatar.

See ya!
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