Geek Collision v0.9 on Wed Aug 31

Ok, here we have it again! Geek Collision v0.9 is on next Wednesday Aug 31.

I think I saw some new names in the Doodle. Hope to see you in Vihreä Haltiatar at six o'clock! :)


Call for Geek Collision v0.9 dates!

Once again we are gathering around for some tech talk and pints in Virheä Haltiatar pick your dates for it.

Here's the doodle.

Geek Collision v0.8 with Agile Finland! Wed 17th

Next week we are joining with Agile Finland in Vihreä Haltiatar on wednesday 17th August. Before the Collision Agile Finland is arranging a Coding Dojo at Reaktor Jyväskylä offices to which we are all invited to. There are only few slots left. So don't hesitate!

Dojo registrations can be found from Agile Finland wiki.

Dojo starts at 16:00 and Geek Collision starts right after it, around 19.15.

Geek Collision v0.7 on 10.8.2011 (tomorrow!)

We been bit busy during last and this week, so this time Geek Collision comes quite quickly, but lets try it anyway. Geek Collision will be held again on 10.8.2011, that's tomorrow!

So let's meet 18:15 in Vihreä Haltiatar!

We might be expecting sightly smaller guest amount, but at least I'll will be grabbing a pint :)
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