v0.4.1 - Node.js (change of location)

I'm happy to announce that we have confirmed the location and time for the next Geek collision, which is 28.06.2011 18:00. And as I already informed the presentation will be about Node.js which is part of the future of server side JavaScript by Esa-Matti "Epeli" Suuronen and we are generously hosted by Jaakko Vallo alias jazzu from Oikotie Oy in Oikotie Oy offices which are located in Survontie 9 just in Ylistönrinne, at the Technopolis end of the building.

Since we had a change of the event location I'm sad to say, but the steamy style of the event won't continue. You can still bring your own snacks and drinks along.

This time we might have to limit the attendance so that only the first 20 will be able to attend, so register soon: http://www.doodle.com/25ybd7a68wdya26s.

P.S. If you have problems finding the place or are arriving late call my cell +358445815816. See you there!


Epeli said...

Slides https://github.com/epeli/geekslides

MikeVaughn said...

A collision? With geeks around, you need to be equipped fully not only with sufficient knowledge but also a mastery in delivering presentations!

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