Geek collision is calling geeks to arms to find us a place for our next 28.6.2011 meet!

Hello my fellow geeks!

As we have stumbled on a bit of a hassle with our next events location policy, I'm pleading all of you who are interested in coming to Geek collision to consider if you would be able to host us. As we are organising an event just because we're interested in learning and sharing information for free, we also want the event to be as accessible as possible, so keeping it free is important.

Our needs are pretty basic, a room that fits about 20 people and has a projector. If you provide such a place and would be willing to host us, you'd make me and others that attend to this event very happy. We'll of course mention you on the blog and you'd get good name in the local geek community.

So, if you would be so kind and like to host us, please inform me at ASAP.


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