Geek collision 0.3v is on Tuesday 14.06.2011 at 18.00 in Kauppakatu 32 (behind Hemingways)

Hello, hello!

I've been a bit busy so I didn't really blog about the last event, but it's already old news so let's concentrate on the new and upcoming event. In the next event Juho Vepsäläinen alias bebraw is going to give us an hour long presentation about HTML 5 Canvas element. We have changed venue and are generously hosted by Jukka Raimovaara alias xdanger from Mentalhouse Oy and TNNet in TNNet offices which are located in Kauppakatu 32 which is just behind Hemingways.

The event might be also steamier than usually since there's also a sauna possibility and as I expect all of you are good hitchhikers and have towel with you as always, I'm not even going to mention that you should bring one along.

Oh yeah and remember to tell me if you're coming:

Since the office is behind locked doors somebody is going to need to open the door, so you can call my cell +358445815816 if you arrive late. See you there!


Juho Vepsäläinen said...

I posted the presentation to slideshare for those interested . Added to the wiki as well.

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