Geek collision version 0.2 is on Tuesday 31.05.2011 18.00 at Vihreä Haltiatar

Geeks ahoy!

The next Geek collision is on Tuesday 31.05.2011 18.00 at Vihreä Haltiatar. Come and join us http://doodle.com/vdq38knub5gez4mr for a chat maybe over a pint of beer (, tea, coffee, water or other alcohol free beverages).

See you!

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Geek collision v0.2

Hullo geeks!

Next Geek collision will be on http://doodle.com/vdq38knub5gez4mr?

Come and join us for a chat and maybe a pint!


Geek collision saga begins!

So we had our first ever meeting and there was altogether 12 attendees. It was more than I actually expected... There was introductions, interesting discussions about technology and work culture, some trolling of course, but all in all the mood was very open and apt for this kind of event. Nobody even complained about the venue! We also got down some ideas about future events and decided that the pace should be every two weeks, so that we maintain continuity. All the events will be announced in Twitter, Facebook and here on the blog, also a calendar entry and a wiki page of every event will be created.

Since the first event was just a seed of things to come, it's likely that the form of the gathering will vary, but the events will probably be mostly either just discussions over a pint or somewhat of a presentation, with maybe some hands on type of a deal. We'll see where it settles. The idea is to be informal and open - share information among local geeks and to network.

I put up a wiki type of a site so that sharing information is easy, it can be found at http://wiki.geekcollision.org.

Keep looking at this blog and Twitter. See you at the next Geek collision!


What is a geek collision?

Geek collision is a social event for people working in IT field in Jyväskylä. The idea is just to meet people for a pint of beer and talk about what ever. There's no agenda at least for the first event besides just socialising.

The "organiser" is me, Tarmo Aidantausta (http://twitter.com/bleadof and http://twitter.com/geekcollision). I've been thinking about arranging some sort of informal event for IT people in Jyväskylä for quite a while and this is an attempt to make it happen.

Come, meet people and converse, maybe over a pint of good beer. http://doodle.com/v6kzbkertkcndhq9

P.S. If you have any questions, you can ask them here on comments or contacting me at tarmo@geekcollision.org .
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