GC Table top clubarino / Lautapelikollegio

Hey, hi, and hej. Last week we spotted quite a few table top enthusiasts amongst our midsts, and a common desire toward a related gathering of sorts was uttered from multiple angles and directions. Henceforth I call everyone to jot down their ideas, perspectives, hopes and dreams related to the said gathering(s) at https://tlk.io/gctabletop. I posted there in Finnish but feel free to write in a language of your choice. I'll check out any and all answers when the week ends or so, and formulate an epic recipe to accommodate everybody's wishes and start organizing these gatherings.

Hackathon JKL with Microsoft on 17.4.

Jyväskylä Entrepeneurship Society, Dumppi and Linkki in cooperation with Microsoft are organizing a hackathon event in Jyväskylä over the weekend of 17.-19. of April. During the hackathon teams of 2 to 5 people attempt to solve a game-themed challenge. The hackathon features a winners' prize worth of 1000 €.

Teams are free to use tools and platforms of their choosing for the game. There will be peripherals and other gadgets suchs as Oculus Rift DK2 on the premises if someone wants to incorporate them into their game.

See the event page on Facebook for information on how to sign up:


GC v0.42 - Towel Edition

It is Lord's Year 2015 and there is still beer to be drunk in this world. Therefore the first GC of 2015, v0.42, will take place on Wednesday the 18.2.2015 in Vihreä Haltiatar starting at around 18.00. Bring Your Own Towel!

Big Data Workshop on Open Culture Data


On Thursday 11.12.2014 Keski-Suomi talo (conference room Koppelo, Sepänkatu 4, Jyväskylä) hosts an Open Culture Data workshop for content creators, coders and data consumers. Moderators and speakers for the event include Petteri Huvio from Diges and Lilli Linkola from Sitra.

My guess is that any talks will be in Finnish but that workshops can be attended and enjoyed also in English with moderators there to answer your questions on applications and possibilities of Open Culture Data.

For more information and signing up email Raija Partanen at raija.partanen@keskisuomi.fi. The sign-up deadline is 8.12.2014.


Torstaina 11.12.2014 klo 12-30-15.3 järjestetään iltapäivän mittainen työpaja, jossa kohtaavat kulttuurisisältöjen tuottajat ja koodarit ja jalostajat sekä jalostetun tiedon mahdolliset käyttäjät. Työpajan moderaattorina toimii Petteri Huvio Diges ry:stä – Petteri isännöi vuosi sitten Luovaa kohtaamispaikkaa Jyväskylässä. Työpajan johdannoksi Lilli Linkola Sitrasta kertoo mielenkiintoisista avointa kulttuuritietoa hyödyntävistä sovelluksista.

Tilaisuuden pitopaikka on Keski-Suomi –talon kokoustila Koppelo, Sepänkatu 4, Jyväskylä
Ilmoittauduthan 8.12.2014 mennessä sähköpostitse raija.partanen@keskisuomi.fi

GC v0.41 - Revenge of Kryptoradio at Thu 30.10 18:00- at Hemingways

Familiar mask by gato-gato-gato
As you probably didn't get enough of Kryptoradio in our previous session, it's time for a redux. In brief Kryptoradio provides means to stream stuff over DVB-T network of Finland. Beyond Bitcoin block chain, you can transmit stuff like ASCII art or entire websites even.

Given the last time was sort of theoretical we thought maybe it would be nice to actually do something instead of contemplating future possibilities. That is where Revenge of Kryptoradio comes in. In this session we will take a hands on approach and actually try to build something on top of the technology.

I will be focusing on stuff such as React.js, D3.js and possibly webpack and show how to build a graphing thingy on top of Kryptoradio API. There is no rigid schedule and it's more about exploring technology than nodding in agreement. It might be useful to bring your laptop.

See you at Hemingways on Thursday 30.10 starting from 18:00. I'll go likely grab a bite around five in some nearby joint. If dinner sounds alright, let's arrange something over IRC at #geekcollision (@IRCnet of course).

GC v0.40 Kryptoradio

Hey, o-hoy, fellow geeks and comrades and radio amateurs and whoever is tuning in. For the version 0.40 we have a little something special in store as Joel Lehtonen will introduce his Kryptoradio project that has already made history.

Kryptoradio sends Bitcoin transactions through 90 of Digita's TV broadcasting stations. The broadcast is a pilot to evaluate the suitability of digital television network for transmitting payment data and to enable application development. Broadcast data includes Bitcoin transactions, blocks and exchange rates with regards to the most common currencies. These enable the reception and monitoring of Bitcoin payments without an Internet connection, which enhances the reliability of payment confirmation.

In GC meeting Joel will walk us through the basic concept of Kryptoradio and how exactly one can join in on developing applications for it. Kryptoradio has an HTTP interface that enables development with technologies already familiar from web development.

We'll be starting around 6PM next Wednesday the 8th, for presentational reasons in Hemingway's (the one on Kauppakatu).

TL;DR: Kryptoradio, bitcoin broadcasting via TV network, introduction Wed 8.10.2014 in Hemingway's Kauppakatu starting 6PM.

Read more about Kryptoradio.

Adventure Time Beta Test Group Assemble

Roll call for Adventure Time beta testers! There were not too many signups for the adventure park excursion but we'll do it anyway, just with a smaller (elite) group (of highly trained professionals) tomorrow on 9.9. Meet us in Laajavuori at 5PM or later on in the city for dinner and drinks around 7.30 or 8PM.

I can be reached on my cell +358503723711 for both adventure time beta testing and the operation dinner out specifics later on. See ye!
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